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With a passion for dentistry, Dr. Abhishek Dhawan. has established “Dhawan Dental Care“ at, Chandigarh Outskirts with his vision of providing outstanding services in dentistry. Professional qualifications earned from top universities and years of matchless experience, unending commitment to ethical and quality care, team is motivated towards achieving our philosophy of Excellence in Dentistry. Our goal is to help all of our patients value their oral health and help them retain their teeth for the remainder of their lives in comfort, function and aesthetics. We accomplish this using most current dental technology, regular check-up and most importantly listening to our patients. Team at Dhawan Dental Care is committed to the highest standards of dental care. This commitment has led to bringing the practice on an international platform.

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Cosmetic dentistry is a series of procedures performed to meet your smile needs. The treatment involves procedures like veneers, teeth whitening, crowns etc performed by specialists to help you get the required smile enhancement. We take time to understand your goals and create artistic and precise results.
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DENTAL IMPLANTS INR 0 INR 0 For many years the concept of complete dentures is prevalent in the world to replace the natural dentition. The complete removable dentures are easy to fabricate and wear but are very tedious and irritating when it comes to chewing, speech and aesthetics. We promise to provide you the best replacement of your teeth. Full mouth oral implantology firstly creates a question that what is an Implant. Well, it is an analogous to the root of a tooth, made of titanium and giving the cementing function to the tooth in the bone similar to a natural root.In full mouth Implantology we assess the complete jaw anatomy and bone profile of the patient with our hi-tech diagnostic setup comprising of a Digital RVG, full mouth OPG, diagnostic models and digital photography. The complete analysis is done followed by a virtual surgery which is displayed to the patient on the computer in a special implant placement software. Depending on the bone conditions and jaw size number of implants are selected which will give the best prognosis. Detailed discussion is done with the patient keeping in mind all the medical and dental significant history on the patient and the surgery in performed with an American MPI physio dispenser that is the specialized implant surgical unit. For the comfort of patient we have facilities for both Local and general Anesthetic and an intensive care unit for managing any possible complication. This full mouth implant surgery is followed by an immediate provisional prostheses if required by the patient and the final prostheses are delivered normally after 3 months of healing True 1523360077
RESTORATIVE DENTISTRY INR 0 INR 0 Full mouth rehab is a combination of treatment and the patient for this can be anyone from a completely edentulous case to a case who has all the teeth but is facing abrasive, geriatric or medical dental complications. This is a customized set of treatment plan designed and configured according to the major and minor complaints of the patient and includes treatment for all the teeth which includes fillings, Root Canal, Scaling, Localized Drug Delivery, Implants, aligners etc. This plan is specially created for every patient individually. The complete diagnosis and medical and dental history of the patient is documented and the treatment plan is advised and executed keeping in mind complete normal function, normal speech pattern and facial aesthetics True 1523360109
ROOT CANAL ROTARY TREATMENT INR 0 INR 0 Root canal treatment is a technique designed to preserve and conserve a natural tooth which is either infected to the pulp or has a non vital pulp following a trauma or persistent chronic carious infection. The roots of the teeth have running canals which carry the vital tissue of the tooth termed as the PULP. In case of deep carious infection the pulp gets exposed and we need to clean these canals bearing the pulp to get rid of the infection. Hence, the term root canal treatment. For a very long time clinicians have been doing hand root canals which is an inefficient and time consuming procedure. We at Dhawan dental care believe in precision and accuracy. With the help of our latest digital RVG which helps us in the radio diagnosis and our NSK automatic Endomotor and Orikam French rotary pulp cleaning files, our root canals are 99.9% accurate, require mostly one appointment of 30 to 40 minutes and requires minimum intervention of the natural tooth structure. Minimum cavity opening is prepared to access the canals as compare to conventional procedure which requires excessive preparation and the Bio-mechanical preparation of the canals are completely packed and in tune with the artificial canal filler required to maintain the integrity and density of the saved tooth. True 1523360142
GUM BLEEDING INR 0 INR 0 Bleeding gums are a sign of very common and acute gum condition known as Gingivitis. It is the inflammation of the gums which is caused bacterial infestation and many times also due to wrong tooth brushing technique. The bacteria infested is present in patient’s own saliva. The severity of this acute condition is that if left untreated it leads to calculus deposits which starts degrading the supporting bone of the tooth which leads to recession of gums, exposure of roots, mobile teeth and teeth shedding. The preliminary treatment of this condition involves scaling and root planning the sub-gingival area of the tooth. We at DDC use modern ultrasonic scaling units and latest lasers for the complete disinfection of the infected and affected sites. The sites are diagnosed with our exclusive, sterile periodontal instruments and radiographic digital images are taken for severe and chronic cases. We also have the facility for bone graft surgeries with a fully functional modular OT and experienced and expert critical care and pain management unit for patients who are suffering from bone loss and gingival recession and are unable to find a solution. True 1523360179
COSMETIC RESTORATIONS INR 0 INR 0 We are known for our cosmetic smile designing in the region and serve patients coming regularly from out stations and foreign countries which can be seen in our cases gallery. If you gave a decayed tooth, fractured tooth, diastema that is gap between your teeth or attrition due to oral habits of aging, then we have a perfect solution for you. We use only American 3M and French Itena cosmetic restorative products with a variety of shades which can match your tooth color upto 99%. The polishing of these restorations are done using electronic motors and Itena polishing cups to give a smooth and natural looking replacement. All these materials are light cured and come to function immediately after the procedure. True 1523360215
SMILE DESIGNING VENEERS INR 0 INR 0 For people who are not happy with their teeth shape, alignment and smile line we at Dhawan Dental Care have a perfect solution which are veneers . These are ceramic prostheses which are cemented over over your natural teeth to provide a desired alignment, functionand aesthetics. Every case is customized according to the requirement. The mal aligned teeth are photographed and a diagnostic impression is made and the required reshaping and restorative procedure is done on the diagnostic model. The changes required are then discussed with the patient and the best part is you can see the final result before on the model and can discuss with our team accordingly making the chances of complications and re-work very sleek. In cases of sensitivity the veneer placement is accompanied with RCT to avoid future problems and longevity of the treatment provided. The veneers used at Dhawan Dental Care are completely American of 3M company having a life of 10 to 15 years which are a product of CAD/CAM that is computer aided designing and computer aided milling to provide a accurate marginal fit. True 1523360254
TOOTH WHITENING INR 0 INR 0 People with oral habits like smoking, drinking too much tea and coffee and other chewable products causing staining, we at Dhawan Dental Care offer complete teeth whitening solution with our latest bleaching kits with customized bleaching trays and laser light teeth whitening. Age is not a concern in this case anyone can be a patient. Re treatment is required only in cases which do not alter their oral habits. Additional prophylaxis treatment options are provided for tobacco addicted and smoking patients. True 1523360300
CHILD DENTISTRY INR 0 INR 0 The most important question for all the parents is when to start caring for their child’s oral health. Well, according to dentistry we should start caring for our child’s oral health right from the beginning that is since the time there are only gumpads in the mouth and no teeth are present. The gumpads should also be cleaned with a wet finger which is moved over the gums in a cleansing fashion. Also there is very common problem associated with children who are using pacifiers for feeding that is nursing bottle caries in which the front teeth of the child becomes grossly carious and gets fractured. The main reason is after using pacifiers the kids usually sleep without brushing their teeth and the milk droplets with sugar are adhered to the teeth causing acidic environment in the oral cavity and leading to enhanced bacterial activity and carious degradation of the teeth. Also decayed teeth of kids should not be left untreated just for the fact that it will be replaced by permanent teeth because the infection reaching the apex of the primary tooth can infect an unerupted final tooth that is the final dentition can get infected even before eruption in the oral cavity. We at Dhawan Dental Care care for our young patients. We have availability of NOS and MAK for needle free anesthesia and all mild and biocompatible materials for the cute little ones. We try to keep the appointments very short and also have a kids entertainment media availability for a better compliance and a stress free appointment with a great experience for the parents. True 1523360332
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